Transaction advisory services involve end-to-end value added transaction support to create social and economic value. Our team works with strategic and financial buyers/sellers to make informed strategic decisions and identify risk across full spectrum of merger and acquisitions engagements. Our goal is to help clients maximize shareholder value and minimize cost with proper risk assessment.

Following are the advisory support function in which we are specialized:-

  • Pre − deal evaluations

    We perform detailed analysis of the critical factors which play crucial role in deal. In deal evaluation, we try to get into the factors like the key drivers for deal, integration of revenue and business model, through understanding of the deal structure, regulatory hurdles, business plan, etc. for the effective commencement of the transaction.

  • Post − acquisition transaction support

    We provide post-acquisition transaction support to check the effective implementation of deal over a period of time. This service involves the factors like synchronization and integration of factors which are critical for the deal, evaluating the post deal financial impact on the overall growth and risk, operating cash flow assessment, operational stability etc. for the checks and balance.

  • Financial and Commercial due diligence

    We provide in-depth financial due diligence to ascertain the overall transaction pricing which includes detail analysis of historical financial statements and current position, determining the future financial prospects to ascertain the growth and risk using different financial models and metrics. Further, we assist in commercial due diligence to provide detail assessment of target positioning in the commercial markets in order to provide acquirer the visibility regarding the operational risk attached to different commercial market environment.

How we support you

  • Assisting in identifying key drivers in the transaction.
  • Improving deal structures.
  • Identifying and mitigating risk.
  • Utilizing financial and business due diligence in making a deal successful.
  • Understanding value proposition for complex business holdings.
  • Determining financial and other requirements in successful execution of a deal.
  • Advising on raising, investing or saving capital.
  • By assisting companies and their investors with all financial, tax, operational, commercial and legal due diligence matters by understanding and managing value and risk throughout the transaction.

Our team help clients in identifying the synergy, risks, benefits and other factors involved in a transaction. We at Veristrat work in tandem with the clients to deliver maximum value to them as well as to stakeholders.