Equity Research means study of company’s financials, ratio analysis, estimation of the financials and valuation of companies using DCF and relative method. It also involves research on economic and industry parameters, forecasting revenues and profits of the company, study of fair value with market price.

One of the primary purpose of equity research is to provide thorough analysis of the company which is being used for making recommendations on whether to buy, sell or hold an investment. The industry research is at times used as a supportive document that provides high quality and detailed information.

Industry research refers to systematic and detailed study/investigation with the main focus on acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Being a new entrant to a major or niche industry, one needs to plan for Industry research, which enables to take your business to a different level. Industry research helps in evaluating various market and financial factors that affect the value of a business.

We at Veristrat harmonize the process by bringing together the knowledge and skills required for all stages of the research process.

How we support you?

Carrying out comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research across diversified industries.

Conducting fundamental and market research by analyzing company financials, ratio analysis and market opportunity assessment studies.

Risk management and portfolio management services.

Conducting macro and micro economic analysis for an extensive understanding of the industry.

Comprehensive financial statement analysis including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Shareholders Equity to judge.

Overall financial position and soundness of the company.

  • Ratio Analysis- To gauge liquidity, profitability and solvency condition of the company.
  • DCF analysis using Income approach to calculate intrinsic value per share using FCFF and FCFE metrics.
  • Company valuation using public comparable and transaction multiples.
  • SWOT and Michael Porter’s five forces analysis for assessment of long-term profitability of the industry.
  • Preparing pitch books, information memorandum and article writing across multiple industries.
  • Updating financial and operational models on quarterly basis using 10K/10Q financial reports, SEC filing and analyst research reports.
  • Identifying, analyzing and modeling key financial/operational drivers for competitive benchmarking and preparing peer group monitoring research reports.
  • Earning quality and operating cash flow assessment for better understanding of overall company operations.

Our experts provide customized and comprehensive equity and industry research services across multiple industries and regions. We assist clients in taking well informed strategic decisions that helps in maximizing shareholder’s value.