At Veristrat, we assist our clients with comprehensive advisory services related to businesses, fixed assets, financial reporting, fairness opinions and corporate recapitalizations.

Typical complex valuation and advisory services we provide includes:

  • Performing financial valuation including businesses, equity, intellectual property and financial instruments in
    accordance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • DCF analysis to calculate intrinsic value per share using FCFF and FCFE metrics.
  • Comparable analysis using publicly traded company and transaction multiples.
  • Intellectual property valuation which includes patents, copyrights, technology, IPR&D etc.
  • Goodwill impairment analysis as per ASC 350.
  • Comprehensive analysis of cash and derivatives financial instruments.
  • Allocate purchase price consideration paid in M&A transactions among various tangible and intangibles assets.
  • Value derivatives using complex models such as Black Scholes Option Pricing and Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • Computing fair value of complex securities such as preferred stock and debt using multiple approaches.