Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services are comprised of end-to-end transaction support that adds value to client deliverables, assisting clients in achieving their social and economic goals. In this dynamic environment, valuation is especially significant due to constant restructuring across the global economy due to Mergers and Acquisitions. Our highly qualified team works with different strategic financial buyers and sellers to help clients make informed strategic decisions and identify risks across the full spectrum of mergers and acquisitions engagements.

We examine transactions from an investor’s point of view in order to identify and analyze information necessary for successful implementation of strategies in transaction services.

We provide various transaction services including Pre-deal advisory, Post acquisition support related to transaction services, and Financial and Commercial due diligence.

Some advisory support functions in which we specialize:

Financial and Commercial due diligence includes:

  • In-depth financial due diligence to ascertain growth and risk, using different financial models and metrics.
  • Commercial due diligence aimed at providing detailed assessments of target positioning in the commercial markets – essential for informing acquirers of the risks attached to different commercial market environments.
  • Evaluation of future capital improvement needs.
  • Primary and Secondary Research on key issues that might impact value.
  • Identification of areas that might require capital in the future.

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Risk Mitigation

Post−acquisition transaction support includes:

  • Synchronization and integration of factors relevant to the deal.
  • Evaluating the post-deal financial impact on overall growth, operational cash flow assessment, operational stability, and more to maintain checks and balances.
  • Analysis of synergies potentially relating to revenue and cost.

Pre−deal evaluation transaction services include:

  • Analysis of relevant, crucial factors that can play an important role in the deal. These might include deal structure, regulatory hurdles, and planing for an effective start to the transaction.
  • Identification of the key drivers.
  • Integration of revenue and business models.

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How we support you:

  • Assisting in identifying key transaction drivers.
  • Meeting client objectives and expectations on tight deadlines.
  • Improving deal structures.
  • Valuing synergies.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks.
  • Utilizing financial and business due diligence essential to a successful deal.
  • Building financial models for pricing and structuring deals.
  • Providing projection of financials.
  • Understanding value proposition for complex business holdings.
  • Determining financial requirements and more necessary for successful execution of a deal.
  • Advising on raising, investing, or saving capital.

We at Veristrat assist our clients with identifying the synergies, risks, benefits, and other factors involved in a transaction. We ensure the delivery of timely results in achieving their goals, and in increasing the shareholders’ value.  Our team of dedicated, experienced professionals in transaction services are ready to help clients across different fields worldwide achieve their objectives.

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