Deal Analytics

Analytics is the introduction, analysis and transmission of substantial arrangement of data. Areas that fall within the scope of analytics include predictive and prescriptive analytics, enterprise decision board, descriptive analytics, cognitive analytics, retail analytics, store selection and stock-keeping unit development, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, web analytics, call analytics, speech analytics, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion modeling, predictive science, credit risk analysis, and fraud analytics.

The summary of Deal Analytics

Deal analytics is defined as “Smart” sales force automation tools that analyzes data on past customer behavior, cross-selling opportunities, and demographics to identify areas of opportunity and high customer interest. Today’s fast changing business and technology landscape presents unparalleled opportunities for faster growth, stronger capabilities, and dramatic transformation. Considering these, our experts help in advising our clients through each of deal analytics steps to ensure a hassle-free experience. We commit to our clients and strive to deliver high end quality driven results.

In today’s business landscape there is a lot of information available than ever before, which sometimes creates confusion that what to include or exclude, while structuring the deal. Therefore,  counter this issue, our team of specialists are providing comprehensive services with insight, expertise, latest technology, and analytics. Our team uses deal analytics tools, convert complex data into business intelligence so that the solutions can be trusted through the entire deal journey. We take instincts, data, technology, and experience together to uncover the insights that explain the bigger picture.

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Deal Analytics

Steps involved in a Deal

Organization and strategy

Preparation and execution

Close and value realization.

Benefits of Deal Analytics

  • Real-Time Intelligence- Interactive insights visualized at deal speed.
  • One Holistic Approach- Granular business performance analytics from a common data model.
  • Value Capture- Proprietary technology and analytics to realize your strategy.
  • Clarity and confidence- Actionable, trustworthy advice from deep deal and industry experience.

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How we support you?

  • Converting complex data into business intelligence.
  • Giving right advice at the right time to take well informed decision.
  • Assisting in identifying the right deal so its value can be generated in the future.
  • Providing comprehensive services using latest technology and analytics.
  • Helping to derive the value throughout the deal and transformation lifecycle.
We at Veristrat use the latest technology and analytics along with a strong bench of analytical talent and a global network to bring together deep local and industry-specific deal experience. We support our clients in utilizing this potential to generate high quality data analysis reports. Our team assists in the valuable areas having recorded information, analytics that relies on the application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to assess the performance. Our experts help clients to apply analytics to their business to construe, foresee and improve their business performance.

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