Veristrat LLC does different kinds of research for the clients and for the valuation purpose. Such as economic research, market research, equity research, etc.

Economic Research:

Economics refers to the study of labor, land, financial investments, income, production, taxes, and government expenditures. Consequently, the quality of economic data is a key factor in the development of timely and accurate economic research for the maximization of our clients’ benefits. It’s equally important for the minimization of uninformed decision-making and the costs that might result from it. Our team uses economic data to deliver high-end, quality-driven results.

Purposes of Economic Research: –

Detailed research is necessary for forming sound economic policies enabling stable and non-inflationary growth, and for coping with various economic risks.

The basic goal of both collective and individual goals of economic research is knowledge acquisition.

  • Individual purpose relates to the researcher’s personal perception of the reasons for their research. These may or may not include the desire to improve another person’s well-being.
  • Collective purpose relates to a group of individuals supporting economic research activities.

Improvement, or obtaining a more desirable state of the world, unites collective and individual goals. An economist who conducts research seeks to increase his understanding of the economy. Accurate economic research is required in a misinformation-filled environment in order to raise global standards of living.

Market Research:

In this dynamic environment, rapid changes across numerous industries and economies make it necessary for business professionals to swiftly streamline their organization with the contemporary market. An organization’s capacity to react to changing dynamics determines its success. For a business to become more profitable than ever before, this may involve restructuring and strengthening.

All organizations require the specialized market intelligence services offered by market research companies in order to align their strategies with the most recent market conditions. By doing so, they may increase value generation and their return on investment.

Veristrat LLC believes that market research firms should provide accurate, reliable, and valuable market insights along with thorough, practical industry knowledge to help clients respond to emerging opportunities, and to meet challenges efficiently.

Market research report comprised of:

  • Market Sizing.
  • Value Chain Analysis.
  • Market Dynamics and Trends.
  • Market opportunities and Challenges.
  • Coverage by Market Segmentation.
  • Comprehensive Geographical Coverage.
  • Competitive Landscaping.
  • Company Profiles of Market Players.
  • Price volume Analysis.
  • Macroeconomic Considerations and Growth Drivers Analysis.
  • Financial Research.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Porter’s Five Force Analysis.
  • Forecasting and Analyst Opinion.

Equity and Industry Research

Equity research (industry research reports) is the top-down study and analysis of a company’s financials, as well as the estimation of financial forecasts using management perspectives, economic analysis, and industry analysis. To determine whether a company’s share price is over or undervalued compared to its market price, it also evaluates the fundamental value of the business using DCF and Trading Comparable methodologies (traded on an exchange).

Industry Research Reports are typically used to provide a complete analysis of a company with the goal to provide buy, sell, or hold recommendations for an investment in a specific firm’s shares. Industry research examines how businesses collectively fall under a particular industry, sector, or subsector (a bottom-up approach). The aggregate performance trends among all these comparable companies are generally known as an industry trend.

Overall financial position and soundness of the company

  • Ratio Analysis – a gauge of the liquidity, profitability, and solvency condition of the company.
  • Intrinsic Value analysis using DCF model, based on Free Cash Flows to Firm and Free Cash Flow to Equity, etc.
  • Company valuation using public comparable and transaction multiples.
  • SWOT and Michael Porter’s five forces analysis for assessment of long-term profitability of the industry.
  • Preparing pitch books, information memorandum, and article writing across multiple industries.
  • Updating financial and operational models on a quarterly basis using 10K/10Q financial reports, SEC filings, and analyst research reports.
  • Identifying, analyzing, and modeling key financial/operational drivers for competitive benchmarking and preparing peer-group monitoring research reports.
  • Earning quality and operating cash flow assessment for a better understanding of overall company operations.
industry research reports

How can we support you?

  • The Veristrat LLC team provides a strong conceptual basis for the efficient creation and communication of policies to both the public and the marketplace. To do this, we:
    • Review and analyse macroeconomic policy in order to offer recommendations for efficient economic management. Conduct research on macroeconomic issues influencing the economy and share the results. Generate pertinent economic reports. Ensure that unforeseen difficulties are handled intelligently.
    • Transform complicated data into thorough business intelligence. As needed, we offer specialised qualitative and quantitative research solutions. We offer a thorough study of the current and upcoming market performance. To assist our clients in making wise decisions, we provide the appropriate advise at the appropriate time. We assist our customers in locating opportunities.
    • Carrying out comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research across diversified industries. Assessing business financials, ratio analysis, and market potential assessment studies to carry out fundamental and market research. Provides services for managing portfolios and risks. Conducting macro and microeconomic analyses for an extensive understanding of the industry and Industry Research Reports.
Industry Research Reports in California

Veristrat LLC offers custom, comprehensive economic research across multiple regions and industries. Our goal is to reduce risk and expense so that our clients throughout the world can make wise decisions. We provide robust end-to-end research and market intelligence solutions across a wide variety of industrial sectors worldwide. Our market research studies combine in-depth fact-finding with unique thinking in accordance with the needs of the customer, assisting them in succeeding in this challenging business environment. By understanding our client’s needs and objectives, we aim to add value to each aspect of our market research. We bring together the knowledge and skills required for all stages of the research process and provide customized, comprehensive equity and industry research services across multiple industries and regions.

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