What We Do

Veristrat offers valuation and research services for a wide range of industries. We are committed to deliver quality work and meet client’s expectations. We are driven to achieve excellence in work. Our team of qualified and skilled professionals help to increase productivity and growth with their expertise and insightfulness.

Veristrat offers unmatched valuation services to meet evolving needs of clients. We have the capabilities to innovate and develop solutions to meet challenging demands of our clients. We have a flexible and committed workforce. Veristrat has a clear vision, good values and sets high standards of performance.

Accounting Standard Codification(ASC) 820 (formerly known as Financial Accounting Standard (FAS) 157) – As per ASC 820 (formerly known as FAS 157) guidelines, private equity and venture capital firms are required to value their holdings in unlisted, startups and illiquid assets using a fair value measurement approach which is complex and difficult to apply and involves in-depth understanding of current global market conditions.
Equity Research means study of company’s financials, ratio analysis, estimation of the financials and valuation of companies using DCF and relative method. It also involves research on economic and industry parameters, forecasting revenues and profits of the company, study of fair value with market price.
Business valuation is a complex decision making process. Business valuation estimates the economic value of a business which is determined for a variety of purposes like transactional analysis, litigation support, taxation and regulatory purposes. Also, known as business appraisal, this formal process is an advisory service offered to interested parties for letting them know the value of their interest in a business or company.
Transaction Advisory Services comprises of end to end transaction support that creates value addition in client deliverables and assist the clients in achieving their social and economic values. In this dynamic environment, valuation plays an important role because of immense restructuring happening in the global economy due to Mergers and Acquisitions. Our highly qualified team works with different strategic financial buyers and sellers to help the client in making informed strategic decisions and identify risk across full spectrum of mergers and acquisitions engagements.
A tangible asset has physical and material form such as plant and equipment, inventory etc. Valuation of tangible assets is a complex process and requires professional expertise to value the same. Valuations is computed using multiple approaches and each method differs as per the specific purpose like for tax reporting, financial reporting, impending sale, replacement budgeting etc.
Analytics is the introduction, analysis and transmission of substantial arrangement of data. At Veristrat, our team assists in the valuable areas having recorded information, analytics that relies on the application of statistics, computer programming and operations research in order to assess the performance.Our experts help clients to apply analytics to their business in order to construe, foresee and improve their business performance.
As deals are complicated and loaded with “hidden” risk, stakeholders do not always get the correct Enterprise Value anticipated from their transaction. This happens because of information gap between buyers and sellers in every deal. At Veristrat, we help clients to alleviate risks, gangplank this information gap and magnify returns on deals by commissioning a financial due diligence team.
Economics refers to the study of labor, land, investments of money, income, production, taxes and government expenditures. Consequently, the quality of economic data is a key factor for the development of timely and accurate economic research for the maximization of benefits of our clients, as well as to the minimization of wrong decision-making and the costs related to it.
Confidential information Memorandum is a document used in M&A deals to collaborate sell side clients to market their business to prospective buyers. It is prepared by Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory firms or Investment Banks. At Veristrat, we have a seasoned professional team which understands the implications involved in preparing an ideal CIM for our client.
Complex Disputes are an inevitable part of doing business. These disputes often require legal proceedings which includes valuation of an ownership interest, an asset or a group of assets. For such scenarios, we provide our Litigation Support i.e. assisting the firms in their past and on-going legal matters.

Today’s fast changing business and technology landscape presents unparalleled opportunities for faster growth, stronger capabilities and dramatic transformation, however, harnessing this potential requires foresight that comes only from deep fluency and strategy.
At Veristrat, we help our clients in relation to buying & selling of business. The team supports companies that plan to merge with other companies or acquire companies, be it a minority stake or partial stake.

When one company acquires another company, the regulatory and tax reporting authorities trigger the requirement of Purchase Price Allocation so as to determine the purchase price paid by the buyer for each acquired assets to the seller in the transaction.
Market Research is the process of collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing data to deliver in-depth business insights. There are basically two areas of market research including quantitative research (data numerical) and qualitative research (non-numerical information and opinion). A full market research study constitutes of individual sections like market sizing, market trends, growth drivers and competitive intelligence which help in logical decision-making.
An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a defined contribution employee benefit plan which is aimed to motivate employees to acquire ownership in the company to align their interests with shareholders. It is focused to improve efficiency of employees. ESOP also provides significant tax advantages.