Life and Culture

We at Veristrat work as a family and continuously strive towards ensuring that our clients achieve their objectives. We focus on the growth of our employees and consider them our most valuable assets. This mindset enables us to build a strong team consisting of individuals with expertise in a variety of fields who are capable of delivering high quality services to our clients. We conduct ongoing training sessions to keep our employees updated on fundamental and practical aspects related to global financial markets.

How We Work

Our work culture focuses on values, trust, performance, learning, responsibility, quality, transparency and work life balance. We strive to achieve excellence by a work friendly environment.

Party & Entertainment

Festivals, birthdays, work anniversaries and more such occasions are celebrated at Veristrat. Fun activities, games, movies, lunches and outings are organized to increase team interaction and socialization.

Awards & Recognition

To boost morale of employees, we award and recognize employees work with “Employee of the quarter” and “Article of the quarter”. Recognition of good work motivates employees to work even better.

“A joy shared, is a joy doubled.”

Veristrat maintains a positive workplace environment by celebrating our employees. We show them our appreciation with every festival, birthday, work anniversary, and other special occasion. We organize parties and outings to encourage interaction among our teammates. Veristrat aims at offering an employee-friendly environment along with a profusion of perks. Seniors communicate culture through the stories they tell, speeches they give, and experiences they share. All employees “feel a part of something”, which is essential to fostering loyalty, high morale, and strong work ethics.

Annual Parties

Annual parties are a great way to have some fun at work.

Holi Celebration

Holi is celebrated in full zeal with colors, sweets, and fun activities.

Diwali Celebration

Diwali is celebrated with decorations, lights, traditional ethnic wear, and distributions of gifts.

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations

We create happy memories for our employees by celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day festivities are planned to celebrate the spirit of patriotism.

Awards and Recognition

We value and recognize individuals who deliver high quality work.

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