Cannabis Valuation

Cannabis industry has flourished over the past few years and it continue to grow further driven by favorable regulatory environment, increasing aging population and growing prevalence of chronic illness resulting in increasing number of medical marijuana patients. After decades [...]

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How to Calculate the Value of Your Estate

How to Calculate the Value of Your Estate

Estate valuation is the process of calculating the value of a gross estate for federal estate tax purposes. The gross estate refers to the value of its assets and properties before taxes and debts are deducted. This includes both [...]

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Cannabis Industry

Introduction to Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is increasing at a great pace in the United States and established favorable business circumstances in the 21st century. The Cannabis industry is flourishing for manufacturers, traders and producers. This article provides information about the Cannabis industry [...]

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Currency Exchange Rates

Detailed Information About Currency Exchange Rates

The currency exchange rate is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged against another. The currency exchange rate indicates the stature of the national economy with respect to the world economy. The factors impacting currency exchange rates [...]

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Analyzing Cash

Analyzing movement of cash during the Operating Period

We as a finance professional, are familiar with the three financial statements viz Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statements. These financial statements are prepared by every company, firm, or business to quantify their earnings (in the from [...]

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management – Meaning, Importance & Process

Portfolio Management Portfolio Management is the process of developing an investment strategy and asset allocation to meet investors objectives and minimizing risk to achieve superior returns. Importance of Portfolio Perspective Investors, portfolio managers and analysts should analyze the risk return [...]

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Risk Free rate and Equity Risk Premium

We have discussed Capital Asset Pricing Model, used in Discounted Cash Flow Method, to calculate Cost of Equity in our earlier blogs. This time we are focusing on the two very important components of Capital Asset Pricing Model in [...]

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