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The Hunt for Value

When we talk about measure of a company’s performance, one metric that rarely comes to mind is Economic Value Added (EVA). EVA attempts to capture true economic profit / value added to the company.  Economic profit is not a [...]

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Capital is one of the key components which contributes towards successful operations of a company and helps them fuel their growth plans thereby capital raising process assumes a significant place in business operations. However, generally small and mid-sized public [...]

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Corporate Debt Restructuring

Raising capital through debt financing can be a very attractive option in an environment conducive to business growth. However, excess debt can lead to overwhelming financials problems and place a company’s future in jeopardy in times when the business [...]

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Sharpe Ratio; Risk vs. Reward

According to the behavioural portfolio theory an investor is risk averse and will always choose an investment that provides higher return compared to the risk of the investment. One of the most widely relied upon measure of risk and [...]

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The entrepreneurs work very hard to make their business a success, but it not only important to build a business worth a fortune but also have an exit strategy which is a way to get your money back. The [...]

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Mergers & Acquisitions have become a common business strategy to consolidate businesses whereby an increase in market share is one of the plausible benefits of the transaction. However, the purpose of the transaction gets defeated if the seller starts [...]

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Cash Flow Adjustments for DCF Analysis

As individuals, we make personal decisions based upon the current cash available and expectation of future cash flows. Similarly, company’s current cash balance and future cash flow expectations help investors, managers and creditors take crucial business decisions which may [...]

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Beta of a Company

Beta (β) for an Unlisted (Private) Company

Valuation practices and guidelines aimed at valuation of unlisted or private companies provide some leverage into estimation of variables to be used in the process. One such grey area is calculation and use of Levered and Unlevered beta of [...]

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The Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) is one of the most widely used and accepted methods for calculating the intrinsic value of a company. In simple terms, discounted cash flow tries to work out the value of an asset [...]

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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis: Pros And Cons

A DCF valuation attempts to get to the value of a company in the most direct manner possible: a company’s worth is equal to the current value of the cash flows it will generate in the future. In this respect, [...]

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