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Real Estate or Mutual Funds

Real Estate or Mutual Funds: Where do I invest?

Investment is a lifelong objective of every Individual to meet needs that arise in future. This brings us to the question – “Where to Invest?”. Also, when investing our hard-earned savings, the first thing that comes to our mind [...]

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Inventory Valuation for Investors

Inventory Valuation for Investors

Definition “Inventory” is the term used for the goods intended for sale or raw materials which will be used in producing the finished goods. “Inventory valuation” is a process of assigning a monetary value to inventory at the end of [...]

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LIFO vs FIFO? How we use it for inventory valuation?

Managing a business is quite difficult and to remain competitive, companies started giving more emphasis on inventory valuation. Inventory is one of the major components of current assets of any business. Inventories typically include the value of raw material, [...]

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What is Inventory

What is Inventory valuation?

Inventory valuation is a process to measure cost of unsold goods and assigning a monetary value to items in inventory at the end of the reporting period. It estimates inventories true worth, based on how inventory units are sold. [...]

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Investment in startup


Quite frequently we come across news and articles stating that some startup has received a hefty funding. A very common question that strikes our mind is what potential do these investors see in the companies for such a big [...]

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There are two primary sources of capital available to an organization: Equity and Debt. Equity comprises of equity share capital, preference share capital or retained earnings while Debt comprises of bonds and long term notes payable. In simple words [...]

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Virtual Teams Future of Human Capital

Virtual Teams: Future of Human Capital

Virtual teams are transforming human capital of new age organizations. Virtual team consists of team working from various locations such as client site, different offices of the company, home etc. Virtual teams collaborate people with different skill sets and departments of [...]

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Tangible Valuations

What are Tangible and Intangible Assets?

Assets are resources owned to produce economic benefits in future and are classified into tangible and intangible assets. Valuation of tangible and intangible assets determines its true worth or value. The tangible and intangible assets valuation is important for [...]

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