Over the years, Veristrat apart from its valuation business has put its steps into other areas of related businesses. This diversification has helped Veristrat and its employees to uncover the hidden potentials. This navigation has not only brought business for Veristrat but has also deepened its market presence.

Diversified business

Over the years, Veristrat with its rich expertise and specialization in valuations has diversified into various businesses. We have a proven track record of delivering valuation reports across various industries for enterprises ranging from startups to mature ones. We have gained confidence from our clients, the VCs and the PEs, from the results we deliver to them.

Valuations audit

In the year 2016, Veristrat entered into a project with one of the largest accountancy firm in the world for the audit of valuations. Veristrat took up this project with great enthusiasm and responsibility and delivered high- end quality results.

Tapped valuations and research industry

At Veristrat, we have also undertaken and delivered research projects. Our research has been related to various fields of finance and related to a wide span of industries that we serve.


"We are glad that we decided to outsource our analytics and research projects to Veristrat. They have delivered results above our expectations. They adhered to the timeline they commit."

- Ted C., M&A Advisory firm in the Midwest USA

"Veristrat has been performing valuation work for us from the last three years. The team at Veristrat has been completely co-operative and the team members have sound knowledge and expertise in valuations. We are 100% satisfied with the work done by them and would surely recommend to other Valuation firms."

- James T., Valuation and Advisory firm from East Coast USA

"Thank you to team Veristrat. It's just been one year working with your team and we highly appreciate the services provided by you. We surely hope to make this relationship long lasting."

- Paul B., Boutique investment banking firm from Australia

"Their commitment towards the work and the services provided is appreciated. Our company has developed confidence in Veristrat and we applaud the continuous hardwork that your team puts to provide us accurate and authentic results."

- Charles K., Mid size Chartered Accounting firm from Great Britain