Yonit Ben Shlomo

- Yonit Ben Shlomo

Client Relations

  • Yonit is a marketing and relationship facilitator for corporate client development. She works with Veristrat's clients in aligning client objectives to achieve maximum impact with minimum resources.
    • Email:  ybshlomo@veristrat.com

 Yonit has a proven track record of working with valuation and audit firms in optimizing their international operations with implementation of best technology and workforce.

Yonit is a graduate of graphic design and visual art school in Israel. She has a keen ability in analyzing the world around her. Yonit‘s perceptive awareness in noticing fragile details unseen by most human eyes have received many praises by her mentor/professor – “as a professor of arts for 20 years, I have never came across a student with this unique ability in observing such details.