Industries Served

Veristrat offers its valuation and research expertise to a wide range of industries and has been associated with MNCs and Big Four accounting and advisory firms. We have valued companies ranging from startups to mature ones. We understand the needs and complexities of different industries and strive to achieve perfection in the work we do. We issue thousands of valuation reports every year and conduct comprehensive valuation analysis across diversified industries.


Veristrat assist the clients to anticipate industry disruptions driven by shifting consumer demand, continuously changing agricultural trends and navigate through opportunities across agricultural sectors including, agricultural chemicals and fertilizer producers, biofuels, protein, dairy, crops, seeds and agriculture equipment. Our highly qualified experts combine cognitive intelligence tools with advanced analytical platform to provide practical solutions for corporate strategy, M&A and performance improvement.


The landscape of automotive industry is realigning continuously driven by shifts in global demand, shifting regulations on fuel economy, emissions and safety issues. Meanwhile, new trends and upcoming technologies disrupt the industry entirely. Automotive companies are under huge pressure to adapt to evolving business environment and rapidly changing consumer demands while delivering more value. Professionals at Veristrat understand the industry and provide practical perspectives and solutions to help client maximize value and minimize risk. Our solutions include business research; business strategy and management; business valuation and M&A capability development.

Energy & Natural Resource

Energy and natural resource companies nowadays are looking aggressively for new ways for value improvement and they understand that profitable growth in the industry require pushing performance boundaries, thinking beyond the industry definitions, and pursuing robust innovations. Energy & natural resources experts at Veristrat offer clients fresh insights, proven best practices, and access to an unparalleled pool of expertise. Our solutions to the client include business research, deal analytics, competitive intelligence, market strategy and management.


Infrastructure represents one of the most important industries for most of the economies as it involved huge capital investments. Although the industry is booming around the world, several challenges are faced by the players struggling with the evolving dynamics and economic disruptions. Veristrat assist client in identifying infrastructure investment opportunities and developing strategies that addresses different dimensions of value chain. At the same time, by identifying growth drivers and key risk categories, we ensure that the client deliver positive results across the favorable and unfavorable market environments. Our services also include, competitive intelligence, business research, deal analytics, performance improvement, and business modelling and valuation.

IT & Technology

The landscape of It & Technology industry is continuously evolving led by large scale technology innovations and trends such as computer processing, cloud computing, and Software as a Service (SaaS), Internet of Things, consumerization of IT, cyber security and big data analytics. Veristrat act as trusted advisors, understand strategic goals, determine technological capabilities needed and provide critical support to companies operating in technology industry to help them make strategic decisions and produce game-changing results.

Industrial Products

Manufacturers in the industrial products industry unique set of complex business challenges including regulatory uncertainties, unprecedented cost pressures, market volatility and innovative product pipelines. We at Veristrat, understands modern manufacturing realities and unique business issues the industry faces, and possess competencies across entire manufacturing portfolio. We leverage our knowledge and expertise in this area to help client optimize performance and streamline its operations in line with current market scenarios. Our services include, competitive intelligence, business research, deal analytics, product development transformation, performance improvement, and business modelling and valuation.

Metal & Mining

Metals & mining industry represents major proportion of the world economy, a primary growth driver for many countries, a focus of huge capital investment. The industry is characterized by complex business environment with high price volatility, uncertain regulations and growing operational exposures. We at Veristrat, bring cutting-edge expertise and deep industry insights across various metal and mining commodities and regions, helping our clients deliver operational improvements and organizational efficiencies across the value chain.

Pharma & Healthcare

Veristrat bring diverse and deep experience across the entire value chain of pharma & healthcare industry. Our holistic end-to-end, deep market insights, dynamic research solutions and advanced analytics platforms helps clients to outperform in a rapidly evolving market characterized by unpredictable product developments and shifting regulations. Our services include primary research, business research, buy-side and sell side M&A solutions, tangible and intangible valuation and competitive intelligence.

Retail & Consumer

Characteristics such as razor-thin margins, constantly shifting consumer trends and new consumer service challenges is making the landscape of consumer and retail industry highly competitive. Add digital disruption to these emerging trends, profitable and sustained growth has become even more challenging. Professional experts at Veristrat feels that disruptive forces in the industry are much more complex than just the battle of bricks and mortar versus online, and thus complete understanding of drivers and trends is paramount for creating a competitive solution. We provide customized services to clients in areas such as business research, deal analytics, M&A capability, and transaction service advisory across the entire value chain.

Transportation & Logistics

The transportation & logistics industry is a highly demanding industry characterized by intense competition, volatile fuel prices, changing consumer demands and preferences. In today’s world, consumers have ample of options to be choosy, and maintaining consumer loyalties necessitates delivering excellence across multiple channels and points of delivery. We assist clients involved in express, parcel, trucking, third party- logistics, distribution, shipping and transportation infrastructure. Our business solutions include corporate growth strategy, business research, M&A and private equity.

Transportation & Logistics