About Us

Who We Are

Veristrat is one of the premier valuation company which was established in 2010, headquartered in San Francisco. It is a valuation and advisory company, providing high end business valuation services, investment and market research across USA, UK and Australia region.

Veristrat provides high quality, cost – effective and end – to – end research and market intelligence solutions which span across multiple industrial sectors and geographies. We are committed to provide:

  • Flexible Capacity
  • Virtual Team
  • Qualified Workforce
  • 24×7 Streamline Operations
  • Industry Experience
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Over the years, we have developed relationship with our clients and have become a choice for many firms across the globe in assisting them execute complex valuation engagements, providing litigation support, M&A advisory, industry research reports and related services. Our standard operating procedures complemented with proven track records and expert team have made possible for us to accomplish tasks in shorter span of time.

Years in Business
Analytics Reports
Global Advisory

We can handle demands of clients with changing and uncertain market conditions. We are flexible to meet new challenges and opportunities. We have a dedicated, qualified and motivated workforce for achieving sustainable growth. Our qualified workforce are our assets and add value to the company.

Veristrat offers valuation services to a wide range of industries through a team of experienced professionals who bring in a wealth of knowledge, efficiency and confidence. Veristrat has a virtual team which increases productivity, workforce flexibility and collaboration to meet organizational goals. Our extended operations enhances global connectivity, increases utilization of capital investment and provides an operational advantage.

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Flexible workfoce

Our solutions are a unique combination of talent, tools and technology which enables us to help our client to identify unrealized opportunities and illuminate new ways to respond to constantly changing business scenarios. We distinctly understand our client’s needs and objectives and provide them comprehensive bouquet of services that are tailored to fit their requirements.