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What We Do

We offer a plethora of services across the globe with the prime objective of client satisfaction. We provide valuation and other multi-disciplinary services to various parties for diverse needs.

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Building Us

The Veristrat family believes in “Having a great work culture is not an option but-it is a necessity”. We believe in a healthy work life balance and encourage the same among our people.

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Our Presence

We have been focused in the electronic media as well as print media. Veristrat has partnered with various global clients across diversified industries to provide key business solutions.

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Our Services

Veristrat offers virtual workforce to global transaction & financial advisory firms.

Our expert team of CFAs, CPAs, ASAs, and CAs add value as a virtual team to our clients spread across geographies of US, EU and Australia. We provide diverse services across multiple verticals.


Valuations as per ASC guidelines along with deep industry insights.

Business Valuation and Advisory

Comprehensive advisory services related to businesses, fixed assets, financial reporting, etc.

Tangible Valuations

Valuation using different approaches and as per specific purpose.

Buy side Due Dilligence

Alleviate risks, gangplank information gap and magnify returns on deals by commissioning a financial due diligence.

CIMs, Editorials and Presentations

Preparing CIMs with comprehensive due diligence and analysis.

Equity and Industry Research

Customized and comprehensive research across multiple industries and regions.

Transaction Advisory Services

End to End value added transaction support to create social and economic value for clients.

Deal Analytics

Analytics to businesses in order to construe, foresee and improve business performance.

Economic Research

Undertake macroeconomic policy review and analysis as well as provide advice.

Merger and Acquisition

Supporting companies that plan to merge with other companies or acquire companies.



Our clients believe in us and have expressed it through words. Our accomplishments and client words inspire us to work more towards client satisfaction. This is what few of our clients have to say about us.


Veristrat is one of the premier valuation company in India which was established in 2010. It is headquartered in San Francisco and is a valuation and analytics outsourcing company, providing high end business valuation services, investment and market research across USA, UK and Australia region.


Our expert team and flexible workforce comprises of people having experience of over a decade in various domains of finance. The team comprises of individuals possessing credentials like ASA, CFA, MBA and other related degrees along with exhaustive industry knowledge and experience.

Rishi Kanodia
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Rishi Kanodia


Rishi is the lead for finance operations at Veristrat. He has 10+ years of professional experience in operations strategy, corporate finance and M&A operations due diligence in various consulting roles in Big 4 and...

Afrah Khan
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Afrah Khan


Afrah is the Head of Operations of Veristrat. She has more than 9 years of professional experience in operations strategy, client interaction and strong business development. She has worked deeply with HR, ...

Pankaj Malik
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Pankaj Malik


Pankaj is the Operation Manager of Veristrat, valuation outsourcing company based out at Delhi.Pankaj is having 16+ years of professional experience in operations management, business development initiatives, ...

Bhawna Dubey
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Bhawna Dubey

Human Resources

Bhawna is the HR manager of Veristrat. Bhawna has eight years of experience in HR management. In her career, she has completed projects from scratch to the productive organization. Her aim is always to make organization ...



We have a team of experts who work in tandem with clients to deliver set goals. Our team focuses on efficiency, accuracy and excellence.


We provide reliable and quality results. We believe in integrity and strive to maintain an everlasting relationships with our clients.

Low Cost

We believe in reducing cost, while maintaining quality. Outsource complex and time-consuming engagements to save expenses.


Our flexible workforce in India has made working efficient both for clients and us. We assure that we meet the pre-defined expectations of all our clients.


We are connected to the outside world and our team members contribute towards knowledge sharing by writing articles related to finance industry. Through our blogs, our experts express their opinion and discuss current affairs of the finance industry.

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