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echunavNow- a -days e commerce market has earned utmost importance and it has become first choice among the entrepreneur to increase their revenue. Those who have tasted the fruit of e commerce market knows very well how to go about to keep themselves alive in this competitive market. Where everybody is coming with new innovations to prove themselves we have with us Mr. Bharat Kanodia(owner of Veristrat Inc.) who is ruling this e commerce arena with 2 major projects in his kitty. Here he reveals about eChunav.com (his major project) and everything associated with it. By Neha Chauhan

Mr. Bharat Kanodia is?
Bharat Kanodia is the founder and co-investor in Veristrat Inc. who is also responsible for managing operations and growth activities of the Company. After graduating from engineering, I wanted a change of pace and wanted to build a career in finance. So, I joined American Appraisal and started valuing companies and public infrastructure. In 2008, I joined SVB Financial Group and started working with entrepreneurs and start-ups. My start-up experience included valuation of healthcare and hi-tech companies. This is where I got inspired by Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs and started my own venture, Veristrat Inc. (an internet development and investment holding company

How did the concept of eChunav.com come to your mind?
eChunav.com envisages a social online world which is already into making and would grow manifolds with the newer technologies and its potential usage. The whole world is wrapped up in the social gamut which strives to give a new edge to every thought & idea. Therefore eChunav.com places itself as a medium which exercises fundamental right “Freedom of Speech.” Everybody wants to be heard and eChunav.com is the platform

What is eChunav.com all about?
It is an online environment which supports online voting platforms, online surveys regarding various topics such as politics, entertainment, social & more.
It posts opinions, comments and conduct online votes on the basis of which bar graphs & other statistical figures are formed.
This is an initiative which connects the people and public opinion from all across the globe on various trendsetting questions regarding entertainment scoops, Bollywood, social aspects & other relevant aspects benefitting society as well.
eChunav.com helps in visualizing the way the opinions are shaping up in various indulging topics. Thus it shows that today’s youth are not blind folded. They take interest in what is going around the globe.

After Shaadi e khas and eChunav.com what’s next?
These two concepts is broad in itself, potential enough to breathe in more idea in contributing to the customers & vendors through various business tangents. Therefore the question should be what next with Shaadi-e-Khas& eChunav.com after some years.

What is unique about eChunav.com?
The unique aspect of eChunav.com is that it encourages the people to suggest questions regarding the various topics such as political, entertainment, social & others. An immediate platform which gives back an opinion of how the people react to these situational questions in form comments & votes. The statistical graphs gives the insight of what age groups, gender, status (married, single) of people are voting for which opinion, and help in analyzing how their opinion differs from the others.

Throw some light on realm of e commerce industry and its relevance in coming years?
The exposure to Internet has opened a lot of opportunities in various business verticals. The consumer market is seeing a magnificent change after the introduction of ecommerce. Everything from tangible to intangible products & ideas are identified in the ecommerce world. The tech savvy generation has led to a faster adaptability of the ecommerce industry. The industry proves its relevance as it saves time & creates trust through various transparent feedback & social mediums such as face book fan pages& others.

How accurate are the polls conducted through these online portal?
The accuracy rate is 100% as there is a free registration procedure to be a user of eChunav.com. It also gives options of connectivity through social plug-in (G+, face book, twitter) easing the procedure. The registration procedure includes the activation confirmation emails sent to the specified email addresses. These users take their time to vote on these provoking questions & comment to make their opinions count & heard.

A major section of the society is either illiterate or is not introduced to technology. So who all are your target audience?
Internet penetration all over India has shown year over year increase of 40 %, with an estimation of 243 million users by the NASSCOM. In India itself this surge suggest adaptability of online medium by the people. The idea of empowering the people with concept of casting VOTE on questions relevant to entertainment gossips, the current affairs, the social issues, which connects with the day to day life has proved to be successful.These are the target audiences, who exercise the fundamental right of “Freedom of speech”

If you would not be an entrepreneur, what you would be then?
If not an entrepreneur, a Cook. Innovation in taste & creativity
through food.

Any message to our readers?
Make your voice heard by connecting with eChunav.com

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