Those Crazy Innovative Indian Startups Of 2014!

There are those who lead the path that was already created and some just tread on their own sand trails. Good sounding words like these are easier muttered than actually doing it.


Starting a venture is never easy but what do you have to say to those who start ventures that are a class of their own. The first bench geeky glasses and an untamed brain sometimes click way too well.

This year, we have seen some startup ventures that prove to all those who feel that creativity is limited. Without taking the profit quotient as the parameter, let’s associate the word “success” to creativity quotient and high risk appetite.Welcome to the world of endless possibilities and meet the czars who rule the successful Indian startup kingdom in the year 2014.

Perfiniti & its IdeaPsychometric tests to check compatibility of couples.

ORahi & its Idea: Commercial carpooling

Shaadi-e-Khas & its Idea: Software for wedding management and accounts & its Idea: Sell digital content 7 we focus on

Shaadi-e-Khas- Bharat Kanodia

Idea: Software for wedding management and accounts


Sure planning a wedding is a task that can be related to swimming against the tide. And coming to management of the money and scheduling of events is no picnic either. So when Bharat experienced the same in his brother’s wedding, he had an idea in mind and sure it clicked!

Shaadi-e-Khaas is a platform that takes care of all the schedules and tracks your expenditure. The software suits Indian weddings , with features like managing guest list, money given to vendors, e-mail invites etc. The software package is reasonably priced and can come to use to all those people who manage such events. Wedding bookkeeping is a task too complicated to just leave it to the memory.

These are the best of the best startup firms that have seen the limelight in 2014. Wonder what awaits us in 2015, but we bet the 2014 batch sure has set a benchmark.

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