How hi-tech a marriage can become

When everything else is turning to technology, why not weddings? Families are now opting to create a wedding website, which invitees can check for updates. Everything, from the route to the venue to hotel check-ins to reminders is taken care of by the website. They also serve as a source of information about both families.

Mona Desai, who works in the US, created a website for her wedding.Since me and my husband are in the US, we needed to introduce our families to all our friends. And our families in India wanted to do the same. A website with all the information and pictures helps everyone know each other. And people can log in whenever it is convenient,she says.

With long wedding lists and uncertainty over the number of guests, an addition to the list on the website helped Desai arrange for her guests travel and accommodation on arrival in India.

Gauging this market, US-based Veristrat Inc launched Shaadi-e-Khaas, a wedding software, in 2011. At Rs 3,100, its Platinum package includes email reminders and unlimited upload of videos and photographs besides other facilities.

Candice Pereira of Marry Me says software solutions from some international players tend to be template-based, with limited customisation.At Marry Me, we create websites that can be integrated with the theme of the wedding. We also manage the back-end of the website for our clients.

With this, Marry Me is able to customise offerings for its clients, much like wedding planners, beauticians and photographers.

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