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echunavIndia is awakening and the youth is becoming more and more concious about the social as well as the political happenings around them. Ours is a democratic nation founded on Universal Adult Franchise and rule of law where power lies not only in the hands of aristocrates but moreover in the hands of citizens who have the tendency to destroy the reign of any ministry.

echunavWith this concept in mind, Mr. Bharat Kanodia, founder and co investor of Veristrat Inc. Has led the foundation of an online voting portal by the name with the foremost objective to provide a social engagement platform for people to voice their opinions and choices. The online polling site has been developed by San Francisco headquatered Veristrat Inc. And gives freedom of speech and expression to people. As the technology is advancing and media is creating awareness at a much higher pace, the youth of today is keeping vigil on the burning issues of the country and are also participating with full zeal. gives platform to the people and the youth around to speak their mind out and offers an open discussion platform that projects what the people have in their kitty and also to make network with othet people. With the firm belief that people’s opinion can shape future of any nation, the company created portal as a result to give a voice to the youth of india who can not only cast their votes online but can also Show concern on the topics ranging from politics to entertainment and from technology to sports.

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