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echunavDrifting apart from the much talked about Facebook and Twitter, a new social engagement portal is giving way to random people an organized platform to hold opinion about current issues.

In the independent India, not many have the liberty to be vocal about their concerns. Breaking the age-old barrier, eChunav( is the new way to hold an opinion and add value bygetting the say registered.

The portal is also viewed by decision makers and public representatives, which in a way helps formulate their mind sets. The online opinion gathering platform is an arena where people cutting across age groups, class, and profession are having their say heard on the basis of their understanding of the different perspectives. Unlike other social media sites where ‘like-minded people’ are closely knit.

echunavThe prime objective of the portal is to make communication easy among unknown set of people. Moreover, it aims these registered members to hold healthy discussions, over several current issues on politics, demography, sports, entertainment, and health among other. The netizens can become a member of the portal with a free registration. Once registered, they connect with people on answering questions of mass usage, and notice by themselves how others have responded to the same. With this, the member can see with how many people he/she relates with. The registered members can review the statistics and demographic information, and as well suggest questions of public nature too.

Unlike others, the eChunavis an open discussion forum which values the people opinion in India and other parts of the world. It reaches to all the concerned public online. The platform was conceived with an aim to let people raise their voice on variety of issues and discuss them openly. For the Internet users, the domain is a boon, as it is primarily used for research. It is a public domain and eChunav works as a catalyst which stirs the public and people opinions. It enhances community involvement in the open discussion forums.

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